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** This is the ORIGINAL Formula of Dexaprine, the very First version that was brought to market. Limited Supply so get it while you can! **

** Bottle does NOT come with Box as shown in the picture **

Perfection… perfected.

• 1 Pill per day for 12 hours of continual energy!
• Instant appetite suppression!
• Massive mood enhancement!
• Specifically targets fat, not muscle!

When Dexaprine first hit the scene, it was instantly recognized as the strongest and most effective fat burner on the market. Capable of providing hours of non-stop energy along with intense fat lose with only 1 little pill each day, Dexaprine has stood head and shoulders over the competition since day one. Despite having a national best seller, iForce Nutrition has decided to go back and bring back the ORIGINAL, hard-hitting version of Dexaprine that everyone still talks about . We have successfully perfected perfection. Dexaprine is back with a vengeance, and stronger than ever. 

12 hours of continual energy:
Dexaprine reigns supreme as the king of long lasting energy. It does this through a novel approach to stimulation, which includes a multitude of stimulants to ensure both immediate energy increases as well as all day long energy that just won’t quit.

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iForce Nutrition ORIGINAL (1,3) Dexaprine (45 servings)

  • Brand: iForce
  • Product Code: IFN - 003
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $34.99

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